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These photos have been generously shared by the Sturgeon River Outfitters guests and some have been taken by us. Please feel free to send us your pictures! We would love to see and share them as well. We would be happy to receive them at or or via our Facebook page.

Click on the gallery photos below to view full photos.


10 Years at Sturgeon River

As we mark 10 years of being at Sturgeon River Outfitters, we look back on where we started to where we are today with an eye on where we want to go. And while we love Canada and the Sturgeon River along with everything they have to offer, we know that the best part of SRO is the people we have met and the friends we have made along the way.


Roaring Water and Wet Feet

After missing almost 2 years of being "Up North," we were so glad to get back to SRO for a full season. The water was very high this year because of massive amounts of snow over the winter. We started the summer with a bit of flooding and some road washouts in the area.


The Short Season

After not being in camp during the summer of 2020, we were excited to be able to travel to Canada in August of 2021. Although, this was a short season, we were glad to get back.


Year 6

A good year of fishing and adding options to camp. We reclaimed and reworked a shore lunch spot above White Falls. There were also many fires in Ontario this summer, some even close by. We definitely saw the effects of this as evidenced by the haze in some of the photos.






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